Rebecca is a leading private Cotswold Nutritionist. Her reputation for education, excellence and enjoyment makes Rebecca Warren – Nutritional Therapist; the nutritional therapy practice of choice.

HELPING PEOPLE LIVE A HEALTHIER, MORE FULFILLING LIFE, free from painful symptoms, experienced through a range of conditions by offering a uniquely balanced and science based functional medicine approach to nutrition.

I have been working with Rebecca Warren for roughly 4-5months now, specifically for Sports Nutrition. After trying all different “diet plans” and never getting to where I wanted I had almost given up! I was in search of energy for my CrossFit training, wanting to be lean but strong to enhance my performance.
My first consultation with Rebecca was a lengthy chat about what I wanted, where I wanted to be and where I am at now. Psychologically I had a few issues with food, so I knew Bex would have her hands full with me!
After this first consultation, I received a document detailing, my calories and macros as well as macros split to the required number of meals that fits my lifestyle. Further to this were some recommended examples of meals I could have, as well as lifestyle points and tips. Rebecca was always on hand to me when I needed advice, or was having a panic! The support I have received was amazing and I am forever grateful! We have a check in every 6-7 weeks to reassess where I’m at and what the next step is for what my body needs.

I am now looking more like how I want to be looking, with plenty of energy for training. 4-5months in and I have maintained an athletic body, which I was always after. I’ve never kept so lean for so long and it has not only enhanced my training, but has improved my psychological well-being and made me generally a happier and more confident person.

I cannot recommend Rebecca’s Nutritional services enough, she is so full of knowledge and understanding of your situations to make things work for you. 


Since we have started I know more about myself and my body and have been given the tools to be a healthier individual and ultimately a better human being.


I was impressed with how extensive Rebecca's knowledge is and what a personalised service she offers. Her passion for what she does shines through as well as her caring manner. Rebecca is easy to speak to, so friendly and was able to help me in such a way that went beyond my expectations. Her advice was really clear and easy.

My relationship with my partner has changed for the better. I am happy in my skin and it spills into the rest of my life. I can't really thank her enough. 



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  • “If you don’t take time for your health and wellbeing, you’ll be forced to take time for your illness”.

“If you don’t take time for your health and wellbeing, you’ll be forced to take time for your illness”.


Rebecca Warren Nutrition Clinic

2 White Horse Cottages

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Mon - Fri, 10am - 8pm
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